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Welcome to our Foundation

Welcome to the Pill Mayer Foundation for Intercultural Dialogue!

Our Vision

We believe that intercultural competencies are vitally important in our times of globalization. Our foundation helps children and teenager to learn more about other cultures to live together in a peaceful world. Through cultural projects like films, exhibitions, performances, concerts etc. we want to show children and adolescents the outstanding opportunities to live in a cultural diverse world and to interact with others in a respectful way. Our vision is to encourage and foster international understanding, goodwill, and peace.

Our Projects

Intercultural Book-Boxes – in cooperation with Rotary eClub One
Together with Rotary eClub One (rotaryeclubone.org) we offer intercultural useful books for special libraries. Children visit these libraries as most welcome meeting places for social contacts and to feel like home. There they get help to integrate and learn their mother tongue and other languages, customs and religions. Proper intercultural books are sensitizing children and teenager to perceive our cultural diverse world full of opportunities.
Intercultural Book-Boxes (PDF)

Intercultural Film-Project – in cooperation with Rotary eClub One
Together with Rotary eClub One (rotaryeclubone.org) we support postgraduate students at the Film-Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg in Ludwigsburg (Germany) to design an intercultural serial of animated cartoons for children. With creative and funny stories for reflection the cartoons will show young people how we can live with cultural empathy and benefit from cultural diversity.

Cooperation and support are very welcome, thank you so much!

IBAN: DE25 6005 0101 0002 5612 79
Address: CaritasStiftung Lebenswerk Zukunft
(our Foundation is a part of the Caritas Foundation Lebenswerk Zukunft)
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Pill Mayer Foundation
for Intercultural Dialogue
Dr. Irene Pill and Dr. Bernd Mayer
Maximilianplatz 7
D-88364 Wolfegg (Germany)
Phone +49 (7527) 95 41 61
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